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About ISV Blog-voer

Mark started his professional career at KPN-telecom in 1995 where he held different positions. Starting as a PABX engineer (Nortel, Alcatel, Philips, etc.) and developed his career towards IT. In his first IT job he worked as an engineer in large voice/data integrated WAN environments. In 1999 he moved on to the office automation department and started work with Microsoft software where his main focus areas were technical implementations of Windows NT4.0 Server environments with 2000+ clients.

Early 2000 he joined Microsoft as a Support Professional at Product Support. After about 6 months he was asked by management for a Process Management position, managing progress and process of high impact customer incidents. In June 2001 he became a Global Technical Account Managers, managing several international customers including large global accounts like a Dutch International Chemical and Coatings company followed by one the biggest International Tax, Audit & Advisory companies in the world where he was also responsible for the international virtual team of 12 Technical Account Managers. Since September 2006 Mark is part of the Developer & Platforms Evangelism team as a Program Manager & BizSpark Lead and responsible for designing, developing and execution of program(s) and projects.



• Born 25 December, 1973
• Married with Yvonne father of Gwen & Vigo
• In IT over 10 years
• Microsoftie since March 2000 
• Current department Developer & Platform Enthusiasm Team
• Current role Partner Program Manager & BizSpark Lead
• This blog is mostly about Microsoft technologies but nevertheless still trying to be as open minded as possible and always open for respectful discussions.