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April 2009 - posts

Discover Microsoft’s design and web development software



Take your web development and design skills to the next level at Mix essentials Europe. Now in its fourth year, the MIX essentials Europe conference is a gathering of designers and developers who are building the world’s most innovative web sites.

Attendees are coders, strategists, information architects, visual designers, UX professionals and digital marketers. They represent top web sites, web start-ups, interactive agencies and other organizations that do business on the Web.

Why attend

  • Explore the next wave of opportunities and help redefine the boundaries between content and commerce, PC and TV, Windows and the Web
  • Be inspired by an impressive lineup of UX, design and development sessions
  • Connect with experts on a wide range of topics for one-on-one guidance and inspiration
  • Learn about the future of Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Expression, ASP.NET and other web technologies from Microsoft
  • Network with executives from Microsoft and some of the world’s largest web sites and interactive agencies

When and where

Especially for creative minds like you – We’re organizing MIX essentials Europe. Thursday, May 28th and Friday, May 29th the latest trends, developments and technology in the area of web design, interaction design and web development are presented in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Not so interested in code, but intrigued about design, user experience and the future of the web? Then, join us for the Business Track on Thursday, May 28th. And discover the trends and tools of tomorrow.

Visit the Business track or the Technical tracks

Business Track May 28th
This day is specially designed for marketers, art directors and designers. Give your brain a boost with the latest trends and developments in the area of web and interaction design and user experience.

Technical Tracks May 28th and May 29th
Two days chock-full of the latest technologies and tools in the area of web development and user experience. During the two days, there will be 9 sessions on subjects such as Silverlight 3.0, IE8, Surface Computing, Microsoft Expression and more...

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Never waste a good crisis !

image Het stormt buiten. Het lukt je niet om de dag door te komen zonder een verhaal op te pikken over de economische crisis. Het gaat niet goed in de IT industrie en je ziet het terug in het terugschroeven van allerlei “niet noodzakelijke” aktiviteiten. Hoe zit dit dan bij de DevDays ?

Natuurlijk hebben we daar ook over nagedacht. Moeten we gezien het klimaat nu wel doorgaan met een grootschalig evenement ?

En ja, we waren er snel uit. Natuurlijk gaan we door !. Het momentum rondom Microsoft technologie is nog nooit zo groot geweest. Met de komende nieuwe technologie (Windows 7, Office 2010, Visual Studio 2010, Expression 3.0, …) is er voldoende te doen.

Daarnaast hebben we besloten het evenement GROTER te maken. Meer content, meer bezoekers en meer enthousiasme. De combinatie Pre Conference, DevDays, Geek Night en ReMix Essentials is een waanzinnige line-up.

Maar dit kan nog beter…

180X150_MIX09EuropeDe afgelopen week hebben we dan ook besloten om NOG GROTER te gaan :-). De ReMix Essentials wordt aangepast naar ReMix Europe. Meer Engelstalige content en een breder Europees publiek. Meer info is te vinden op de blog van Martin Tirion.

En het kan nog beter ….

Naast deze evenementen hebben we besloten om een bijeenkomst te organiseren onder de titel : “Microsoft Open In Verbinding”. Dit evenement is gericht op de Open Standard en Source “influencers” in Nederland. Het programma van een halve dag zal bestaan uit een Impressie van de DevDays/ReMix en speciale sessies van de top-sprekers over OSS. En natuurlijk zijn we hier heel Open over :-). We bieden zelfs de “Nederland Open In Verbinding” organisatie een slot aan in de agenda voor de reguliere DevDays bezoekers.

Dit past natuurlijk uitstekend in de content die al wordt aangeboden over PHP, JAVA, CodePlex enz … (Oh ja, ook nog wat Microsoft spullen). De uitnodigen voor dit evenement worden binnenkort verstuurd.

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Interpol plans to use Microsoft's evidence extracting technology


The International Criminal Police Organization, better known as Interpol, says it will distribute Microsoft's Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor tool to its 187 member countries under an agreement announced with the Redmond company today. Microsoft says it's providing the "COFEE" tool free of charge.

The technology caused caused a stir about privacy and other issues when it was announced a year ago. Microsoft has given assurances that it's essentially pulling together available tools and not providing law enforcement with secret backdoors into Windows systems. The tools are housed on a USB thumb drive, according to previous reports.

COFEE offers "common digital forensics tools to help officers at the scene of a crime gather volatile evidence of live computer activity that would otherwise be lost in a traditional offline forensic analysis," the company said in this morning's news release.

Microsoft described the arrangement as one step it's taking to develop a broader relationship with Interpol. On a conference call with reporters this morning, Thomas Fuentes of Interpol's executive committee was asked about that relationship and how it's changing.

"The relationship has evolved because so much of modern investigation depends on the ability to get through the technology, and increasingly criminal organizations throughout the world are using advanced technology to operate," Fuentes said. "The partnership with Microsoft is an extremely valuable one, and a great deal of work has gone on ... to be able to take advantage of Microsoft's willingness to make their technology and their research available to the community of nations throughout the world."

He added that Interpol is "extremely proud of the relationship, and the fact that Microsoft is demonstrating their citizenship as an international company."

At the same time, Microsoft announced that it's pooling together some of its existing computer systems for government and law enforcement into a new offering that it's calling its Citizen Safety Architecture, including its Single View and Incident Response platforms.

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Microsoft’s Citizen Safety Architecture Helps Governments Improve Public Safety and Address Security Threats

Furthering the company’s commitment to public safety, Microsoft announces support of INTERPOL’s Global Security Initiative.

Public Safety Symposium Web site

REDMOND, Wash. — April 15, 2009 — Today at the Worldwide Public Safety Symposium, Microsoft Corp. announced two ways the company is helping governments increase multiagency operational effectiveness, reduce costs, and improve collaboration and information sharing to help combat threats to public safety and security.

Introducing software solutions and services designed to help governments respond in real time to threats to public safety, Microsoft launched the Citizen Safety Architecture. Also today, Microsoft announced support of the International Criminal Police Organization’s (INTERPOL) Global Security Initiative (GSI), which addresses international security challenges. Both Citizen Safety Architecture and GSI are designed to improve public safety, reduce crime and bring humanitarian relief to crisis situations demanding collective action across multiple disparate groups.

“Given the direct correlation between the declining economy and the rise of public safety concerns, there is a pressing need for innovative, collaborative and integrated solutions, like Citizen Safety Architecture, that deliver to governments the tools they need to ensure the safety of their citizens,” said Tim Bloechl, managing director for worldwide public safety and national security at Microsoft. “Microsoft and INTERPOL recognize the strong synergies between Citizen Safety Architecture and GSI, and our pledge to develop a long-term relationship with organizations like INTERPOL supports the overall goal of Citizen Safety Architecture.”

Microsoft’s Citizen Safety Architecture equips law enforcement, intelligence agencies and emergency services with a platform that allows access to services and rapid partner solution development. The result is a fast and economical deployment of software and services solutions specifically designed to improve public security and safety. By design, Citizen Safety Architecture is based on familiar, proven Microsoft tools to cost-effectively extend and augment organizations’ existing IT investments. These tools include Microsoft Single View Platform, (SVP), Microsoft FusionX, “Eagle,” Microsoft Intelligence Framework, the Microsoft Incident Response Platform and Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs).

While the initiatives are independent, the goals of Citizen Safety Architecture and INTERPOL’s GSI are similar: They both create enhanced information-sharing and connectivity frameworks addressing the need to protect citizens both physically and virtually, and address the need to synthesize data from a variety of sources. These common interests, along with today’s ceremonial signing of an agreement that Microsoft will provide its Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (COFEE) tool free of charge to INTERPOL for international distribution, demonstrate the steps Microsoft and INTERPOL are taking to develop a broader relationship. COFEE is a Microsoft-developed application that uses common digital forensics tools to help officers at the scene of a crime gather volatile evidence of live computer activity that would otherwise be lost in a traditional offline forensic analysis. Through the agreement, COFEE will be distributed to INTERPOL’s participating 187 countries around the world to aid global law enforcement in addressing cybercrime.

“To meet 21st-century security threats, and equip global police forces with cutting-edge tools, INTERPOL is forging strategic long-term partnerships with global industry leaders such as Microsoft,” said Elaine Dezenski, managing director of INTERPOL’s Global Security Initiative. “As the world’s global police organization, INTERPOL launched the GSI to partner with the public and private sectors to establish initiatives that will address security threats common to all stakeholders. Our broad, long-term collaboration with Microsoft will raise security standards globally against IT crime, and with COFEE will deliver a vital tool to law enforcement on the front lines.”

Both Citizen Safety Architecture and GSI are grounded in international best practices and embrace the latest government and commercial standards to underpin agile intra-agency and inter-agency collaboration and information gathering. They are focused on delivering enhanced capabilities for intelligence-gathering and investigation, but Citizen Safety Architecture also delivers emergency response, transportation and border control, physical security, and disaster and crisis management.

In addition, Citizen Safety Architecture draws upon Microsoft’s collective knowledge and expertise of a vibrant and growing ecosystem of both international and local partners committed to developing powerful, cost-effective Microsoft-based solutions tailored to public safety needs. Scyron, a provider of security and surveillance solutions, is a Citizen Safety Architecture partner currently working with the policing community and is seeing the impact of Citizen Safety Architecture firsthand.

“Scyron is delighted to join Microsoft in the CSA initiative. We have a special interest in the Microsoft Intelligence Framework, which offers significant collaborative and information-sharing capabilities to assist in ‘Intelligence-Led Policing,’” said Michael Wilks, CEO of Scyron Ltd. “This fits in well with Scyron’s DEMON suite of intelligent surveillance and digital evidence management solutions already in use by many law enforcement organizations around the world, such as Derbyshire Constabulary presenting at the symposium.”

By focusing on interoperable solutions that can work well in mixed environments, evolve over time and serve the needs of constituents, Microsoft’s Citizen Safety Architecture is helping governments face global security challenges.

“Gartner is seeing its public safety clients face more global threats of both crime and terrorism, which defy previously understood neat boundaries for certain government agencies,” said Jeff Vining, research vice president at Gartner Inc. “Effective action to foil criminals and terrorists demands collective action across a disparate phalanx of groups. Technology that enables diverse groups to communicate, collaborate and share critical information holds the key to mobilizing effective resources against these types of threats.”

Solutions addressing critical infrastructure protection and major event management will be added to Citizen Safety Architecture later this year.

About Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Safety Symposium and Citizen Safety Architecture

Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Safety Symposium, running today through April 16, 2009, brings together more than 300 national security operatives, public safety professionals and criminal justice officials. Microsoft is using the forum to demonstrate how the company is already delivering on the Citizen Safety Architecture with a set of innovative software solutions and services to help governments proactively plan for and effectively respond to terrorist attacks, criminal acts and natural disasters:

Microsoft Single View Platform (SVP). SVP helps governments by providing them with a single view of information and data, enabling users to turn situational awareness into action. The platform can be agency- or program-defined, depending on the program requirements and the kind of information needed by the user or agency. Microsoft SVP is an open, industry standards-based technology that provides a highly integrated foundation for data visualization solutions in the area of business intelligence, information sharing, workflow and business processes, project management, and network systems. SVP partners include Advantage Factory Inc., GreenLine Systems, IDV Solutions, Information Strategies Inc., Infusion Development, I.S. Consulting (ISC), The Mariner Group LLC, MicroLink LLC, Planet Technologies, Projility and Twisted Pair Solutions Inc.

Microsoft FusionX. Built to support fusion centers, Microsoft FusionX takes data from disparate sources across federal, state, local and tribal governments, in addition to the private sector, and fuses it into one complete picture to enhance awareness, planning, prevention and incident response. Microsoft, in partnership with the Illinois State Police and other law enforcement agencies, has designed a technology platform and architecture for the sharing of law enforcement intelligence that fills a critical void and could make the world a safer place.

“Eagle.” In the Netherlands Microsoft, Geodan and ESRI have been working on an implementation of the Microsoft Citizen Safety Architecture to deliver a suite of applications and services that allow multiple agencies to collaborate seamlessly. The purpose is to increase responsiveness and realize a single Common Operational Picture to support fast and effective decision-making in a highly complex environment. This cooperation has resulted in the “Eagle,” a solution where Microsoft Office Groove, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Geodan Movida and ESRI ArcGIS are integrated together into a disaster management information system winning the prominent Dutch Public Safety Award 2008. Jan (J.Th.W.) Slakhorst, deputy director of the fire brigade and chief of disaster management for Crisis Region Gelderland Midden, notes that the “Eagle” system is a perfect collaboration platform for disaster management, saying “It is user-friendly, based on the daily routine. It is usable in different scenarios, from railroad incidents up to extensive flood scenarios.”

Microsoft Intelligence Framework. The Microsoft Intelligence Framework (IF) helps local, national and international law enforcement and intelligence-related organizations share information and work together to provide a coordinated approach to preventing and detecting acts of terrorism, and solving organized and major crime cases. The IF is the result of a five-year collaborative partnership between Microsoft, its partners and law enforcement agencies from around the world that faced a common threat from cybercrime. The framework gives investigators the tools for all-source analysis, which means they can store, search and analyze a broad spectrum of potentially related investigative information.

The Microsoft Incident Response Platform. The Microsoft Incident Response platform provides an effective solution to provide process and role guidance to incident responders, while the built-in geospatial information viewer delivers timely situational information. Microsoft Incident Response Platform is composed of solutions from established Microsoft partners such as E•SPONDER, IDV Solutions, Infonic and CRN Solutions Inc. These solutions help capture structured data and facilitate the movement of this data both vertically and horizontally.

Global Security Operations Centers. Microsoft maintains three world-class 24x7 operations centers to monitor, communicate and coordinate responses for more than 700 Microsoft sites worldwide. The centers, located in the U.S., the U.K. and India, leverage solutions such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft Office InfoPath, Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

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Vandaag in een Microsoft & Artilium event op ons kantoor …

imageVandaag organiseren Microsoft & Artilium een evenement over mobile development … .Net in het netwerk van de operator … Mooi hè.

Meer info is te vinden in het persbericht van Artilium : http://www.artilium.com/arta/news/article/artilium-and-ms-partner-on-mobile-application-innovation/

Artilium and Microsoft Partner on Mobile Application Innovation

Artilium and Microsoft Partner on Mobile Application Innovation

Artilium Announces ARTA8 General Availability on June 30, 2009

Today, Artilium plc, developer of advanced Mobile 2.0 software for telecoms networks, and Microsoft Corp., announced their partnership to build a mobile application developer ecosystem today at an oversubscribed developer evangelism day at Microsoft’s Dutch subsidiary headquarters outside Amsterdam, where attendees will be taught how to best utilize familiar Microsoft tools and technologies to build unique experiences for Artilium’s ARTA Mobile Applications Platform via the Windows Mobile platform including the Windows Mobile 6 SDK and .NET Compact Framework 3.5. With more than 20,000 applications already in market, Windows Mobile is among the most popular platforms for developers. Windows Mobile 6.5, the next generation of the Windows Mobile operating system, will allow developers to build innovative mobile applications without having to learn new skills or programming languages, by leveraging familiar desktop and server development tools such as Win32, Active Template Library and Microsoft Foundation Classes (Visual C++), Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET and asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).

“Microsoft’s strong relationship with developers has led to some of the most exciting innovations in the software industry” said Ruud de Jonge, Director of Development and Platform Evangelism at Microsoft Netherlands. “We’ll continue our collaboration with Artilium to engage developers. The response to this seminar is evidence of the incredible opportunity that mobile represents to applications developers.”

At the event, Artilium announced the June 30, 2009 general availability of ARTA8, the next generation of its mobile applications platform, with industry leading innovation that includes:

  • Flexible and fast mobile network connectivity via ARTA Direct Network Access (DNA), a cloud-based media orchestration architecture and session control infrastructure, enables rapid connectivity, secure mobile network access, and cross-network interoperability, enabling ‘always-on’ intelligent signal and content processing/routing, cross-network
  • Real-time subscriber data extraction and pattern matching via ARTA Mobile Presence, a behavioural profiling system based on continuous, intelligent, capture, combination and categorization of geo-spatial location, status and connectivity data to enable intelligent mapping and routing of highly relevant social networking, advertising and content delivery services
  • Rapid applications delivery infrastructure via ARTA AppLAB, an online collaborative ecosystem and commercial marketplace that unites applications developers with operators, advertisers, brands, and service providers, centralizing, harmonizing and structuring cooperation, providing legal regulation and financial brokerage services to speed time-to-market and safeguard payment

Artilium’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Marcus said,”Today marks achievement of a key milestone for Artilium, directly engaging the developer community with Microsoft to demonstrate the ease and speed of application and mashup development for mobile networks on ARTA. We’re thrilled also, to announce that ARTA8, the output of a powerful new wave of engineering innovation at Artilium will release to general availability on schedule by June 30, 2009. Developers at today’s event will be working on pre-release versions of ARTA8.”

About Artilium

Artilium develops advanced Mobile 2.0 software for telecoms networks. The Company’s ARTA Mobile Applications Platform opens mobile telecoms networks to third-party applications and connected social media, generating a new value-chain that includes advertisers, content providers, Internet service providers, social networks, mobile network operators and software developers.

Founded in 1995, the Company has more than 40 installations serving tens of millions of users in 11 countries. Artilium is a publicly listed company on AIM of the London Stock Exchange (LSE/AIM: ARTA) with offices in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit: www.artilium.com

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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