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The Future of Unified Communication

I am currently at TechReady 4, an internal training on our new technology and solutions. And although I am not the person who wants to be the first to have the hottest news on his blog I just felt like sharing this with you as it is so cool!

This morning I was attending a session that spoke about the future of Unified Communication. The first thing that was demonstrated was not new to me as I've seen demo's by Microsoft research years ago but it is great to see that this is actually a product that will be available now:

The Office Roundtable is a 360 degrees camera with sophisticated software to determine where the people are sitting as well as who is actually speaking!
This is a great way to interact with a room of people at another location, and imagine the ability to archive meetings this way!

The other thing that was a total suprise to me was the fact we are working with numerous phone manufacturers out there to create phones that appear to the new Office Communication Server as a Office Communicator client!

So this device has the full functionality of the Office Communicator software in them! In the demo we were shown the device above that had a rich color display that had a touch screen, a jog dail to go through your contacts. It automatically updates when it connects to the server and a new version is available.


Here's another example of a device that is coming out.

The best things about these devices is that you can just take them home, plug them into the DSL line and it will find the mothership: Boom - You're online and calls to your office line will be forwarded to wherever you plugged this baby in.... Wow!! Impressive eh?


Published Tuesday, February 06, 2007 10:59 PM door Tony Krijnen
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Thursday, February 15, 2007 11:31 AM door Martien
Dat toestel met ingebouwde Office Communicator is natuurlijk wel gaaf speelgoed :)

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# re: The Future of Unified Communication

Thursday, March 29, 2007 6:11 PM door FrozenFire
Die wil ikke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heel leuk speelgoed voor jongens van 11 zoals ik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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